Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event Has Kicked Off With New Costumes

Last week it was reported that Blizzard was preparing for Overwatch for a Lunar New Year event, and for those interested in taking part, you'll be pleased that the event went live and will run until February 18. As expected, the event will introduce a bunch of new skins that players can collect, with discounted prices for items from last year.

"We celebrate the 2019 Lunar New Year with new seasonal items, including the legendary skins of Lü Bu Reaper, Guan Yu Reinhardt, Zhuge Liang Zenyatta, Hong Gildong Tracer, Zhang Fei Torbjörn, and Huang Zhong Hanzo, according to Blizzard. Items from previous events of the Lunar New Year will be available for a discounted credit price until February 18. We're also adding a festive version of the Busan map of Capture the Flag this year and starting a second season of Competitive Capture the Flag! ”

What is interesting about this year's event is that Blizzard's costumes are based on real characters from Chinese history, especially from the period of the Three Kingdoms. Given the event, it's nice to see Blizzard nod to Chinese history, and hopefully this is the beginning of more cultural references that we can expect to see in the game in the future. 

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