How To Download Apex Legends in Android

We have seen how PUBG and Fornite have released a mobile version of the game. It seems that Apex Legends will follow their path, too, and the game will release a mobile version of the game.

The game was launched in February 2019, and ever since that day, fans have been asking about the mobile version of it. However, up until the point, players only could enjoy the PS4, PC and Xbox One versions. But, according to some sources, there are plans to launch the game for mobile, too.

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Apex Legends Mobile Requirements

Keep in mind that there are no official details so far. However, we can assume the minimum requirements for this game to run on our smartphones. They will be probably the same as those of the PUBG mobile version.

This means that Apex Legends Mobile will require an Android smartphone that runs on Android version 5.1.1 or above. The game will also need 2GB of RAM and a storage space of at least 4 GB.

Download APK+Data — Apex Legends Mobile

For the iOS devices, you’ll need iOS 10 or above.

Apex Legends Release Date

There is no official release date for the game and no official statement made by the developers or the publisher of the game. However, if we are to look at other studios that have done this before, we might have to wait at least one quarter before the game gets announced for mobile phones.

We are expecting the Apex Legends game for Android and iOS to be released in June or July 2019. However, keeping in mind that we have no official date, we need to take these pieces on information with a pinch of salt.

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