The Prince is riding on his horse through a desert, finding his uncle, Malik, and learning from him about leadership. When the Prince arrives at the kingdom of Malik, he finds it under siege by an army trying to break the vaults of the riches for a great power known as "Solomon's Army." The Prince charges the area, tracking Malik to the vaults of the gold. There, Malik says he is fighting a losing battle and suggests depending on a last resort or being forced to withdraw. The Prince strongly refuses, but Malik uses a magical seal to free Solomon's Army. Solomon's Army is a number of animals, all of which are made of clay.

Malik is separated from the King, who discovers a gateway to Razia's realm, a Marid Djinn. Razia informs the Prince that the only way Solomon's Army can be re-prisoned is to reunite the two seal halves. Razia gives special powers to the Prince and sends him to locate Malik, and the other half of the seal. He is not interested in stopping Solomon's Army when the Prince encounters Malik, but rather wants to kill it and use its power to become a stronger leader. Razia describes this: while the Prince uses Razia's gift of power to him, Malik uses power obtained directly from those he defeats.

The Prince is following him and seeking Razia again. Razia explains that no ordinary sword can kill Ratash, and that what actually happened was quite different from what the Prince saw: Ratash actually killed Malik and possessed his body. The Prince does not believe this and is setting out to find the Djinn Sword, hidden in Rekem's ancient city, which Razia says may destroy Ratash. The Prince is pursuing Malik along the way, now being used by Ratash to take back the original form of the Ifrit. The Prince loses a fight against Ratash and discovers the Djinn Sword, certain that his brother is really dead. Eventually, Razia connects with the sword, giving it the requisite power to destroy Ratash.


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